Justin Flory, a UNICEF employee affiliated with Red Hat, has recently commenced living in Tirana, Albania, as noted on his blog.

He originally stated the location on his blog and it is captured by Archive.org, the Way Back Machine from July up to October 2021.

On 11 October 2021, the UN's International Day of the Girl Child, Fellowship published evidence of underage girls in the Tirana hackerspace. Flory has removed references to Tirana and Albania from the page, it is missing from the live version of his page today.

UNICEF, underage girls, Albania

In this photo, we can see Justin Flory lying down. On the left is Elio Qoshi, the subject of outrage about grooming an underage girlfriend for Outreachy. Immediately behind Flory's head, we see a woman who was shortlisted for the Red Hat women in open source award.

What is the real reason Flory is having a long stay in Albania?

Many of these women want a foreign husband, maybe even Justin, that is why other local men don't visit this group. The women all had some free trips paid for by big organizations and after one or two of those trips, their view of the world completely changes and they stop dating any local men.

With all the women over 18 acquiring a passport and chasing foreign men, the local men like Elio simply have no choice other than the underage girls who have no passport and haven't been spoilt by the gifts from abroad.

Elio Qoshi with the 80% female cast.