One general wish -- which I agreed with -- from Debian was to better share information about people... Matthias Kirschner, FSFE President

The Fellowship became independent from FSFE in 2018. Our last elected representative helped us fork the mailing list so you can choose to continue in the Fellowship list or use the FSFE's new Supporter list or both. Under the GDPR, FSFE can't force Fellows to join the Supporter program without consent.

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Matthias Kirschner, Jonas Oberg & FSFE: Paternity, Maternity, Sick leave hypocrisy

Today the Fellowship is proud to leak to more messages from the FSFE proving the hypocrisy of Matthias Kirschner. To recap the sequence of events: A fellow left a EUR 150,000 bequest to the FSFE. There was fighting about the money and Matthias Kirschner, President, fell out with Jonas Oberg, Executive Director To avoid being sacked, Oberg took paternity leave while looking for another job. Kirschner had a huge fit. He wanted to fire Oberg but he couldn't. So Kirschner took paternity lea...